How to Register Site with Bing Webmaster Tools

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  1. Go to Bing Webmaster Tools

    Once you have your Windows Live ID, go to Webmaster Tools at Bing.
  2. Sign into Webmaster Tools.

    On the left side of the screen, second row, there is an orange button with the words “Webmaster Tools Sign In”. It is actually a link with an orange background. Left click the link.
    You are taken to the Bing sign in page.
  3. Bing sign in page.

    On the right of the screen is the login form. Sign in with your Windows Live ID. Fill in your Windows Live ID and the password you have associated with this ID.
    You are taken to a logging in page. If it does not refresh, click the link provided to proceed.
    The Bing Webmaster screen will appear.
  4. Add a Site.

    Under the My Sites title there is a box for you to enter your website URL (address). Fill this in now.
    Left click the Add button to the right of the URL box you just filled in.
    Screen changes to About My Website page.
  5. About My Website

    The URL (web address) for your site is already filled in.
    Next box is for the URL of your Sitemap (if you have one). A Sitemap is different from an HTML site map that you create for your visitors (and the search engine bots that do not support the Sitemap protcol). If you don’t have a Sitemap, skip this box. It is not required.
    The next question is about when do you get the most traffic to your site. Obviously, you will not know this if it is a new site. Leave the dropdown list at it’s default of All Day for now.
  6. About Me

    This next section collects information about you, the site owner.
    • First and Last name – required
    • Email address – already filled in – required
    • Job Role – not required
    • Company or organization Name – required
    • Company or organization size – required
    • Industry – required Select an industry from the dropdown list provided.
    • Contact phone number – not required
    • City – not required
    • State/Province – not required
    • Zip/Postal code – not required
    • Country or region – required Select your country/region from the dropdown list.
    • Agency, not site owner Some people have a third party look after the stats for their sites. This line is for them. They have to check the box to the left if they have filled in their own information above.
  7. Contact Preference

    First part of this section explains what you will be emailed. If checked (which you should do) Bing will email you when they see something that you need to take care of plus some of their news. Clicking in the box to the left of “Yes, I would like to receive Bing Webmaster communication” makes the next row available for changes.
    The second part of the contact preferences section has radio buttons for you to click to select the frequency of your notices. Left click Daily. You want to know right away when Bing has found an issue with your site so you can get right on it and correct the problem.
  8. Alert Preferences

    You can receive alerts when crawl errors are found, there are index issues, issues with your Sitemap and if Bing finds Malware on your site.
    These are all checked by default. Leave them checked.
  9. Finishing up

    On the bottom left is a link to Microsoft’s privacy policy. Click the link to read the policy.
    Double check you have at least filled in all the required information noted above.
    Left click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
    You are taken back to your home page/dashboard for Bing Webmaster Tools.
You will see the site you just added to your Bing Webmaster Tools in your dashboard.
There will be a box to the left of the site URL where a snapshot of the site will appear once you verify the site ownership.
To the right of your website url there is a note “Site ownership has not been verified. Verify now”. Site verification means there is a little more work to be done to confirm you are the owner of the site. We will cover that in our next tutorial.
Setting up a Bing Webmaster Tools account is not that hard as you can see from above. We recommend a website owner takes care of setting this up themselves instead of hiring someone to do it for you.
Remember to log out of Bing Webmaster Tools when you are done.

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