ping tools and services 

What are ping sites?

Ping sites are one kind of online based tool that will submit your given URL to several search engines, directories, communities, content aggregators and some other places.

How to use ping tools?

You just need to put the URL that you want ping and write the title of that page, then simply click on ping or submit button to start the process. After some seconds you will see the confirmation message. It’s so simple

Why you should use ping services?

There is no law in constitution that will force you to use ping tools since you are a SEO or Webmaster; but who will not grab the extra gold coin from the table? Yah, this is similar to extra gold coin in the SEO industry. You can index your site’s URL or your backlink sources very fast and easily with these tools. Remember, almost 80% backlinks on the web remains deindexed due to neglecting. Thus, most of the SEO campaigns fail and don’t see the expected result.

Is there any negative effect of pinging too much?

What will happen if you ask the same question to one of your friends over and over in a single day? Obviously he/she will get annoyed of you. In the same way it’s good to avoid pinging the same URL over and over within a short period of time. You can use 2-3 tools to ping the same URL of your blog or website. Don’t ping a single URL with 10 ping tools or 10 times with the same ping tool. I recommend to ping a URL only once with a single ping tool and use up to 3 or 4 ping tools.

Here goes the superb information for you…

If you are handling thousands of links indexing task every month then try out One Hour Indexing to make your process faster and easier. On there other hand, for one time indexing into major search engines and SEO tools you can go with Linklicious, which is a perfect solution for budget SEO projects.

List of best free ping sites to Boost up Indexing

So, I am done with my part and now it’s your turn to ping your blog or website for better indexing and ranking. To get the extra cake for your work make sure you are also pinging the sources of backlinks. It will make those backlinks visible to major search engines and hence you will get your desired ranking boost.

best ping services for blog 

Happy pinging and stay away from spammy links!


Are you annoyed with your blog’s traffic?
Your hours of hard work spent in crafting out a fantastic post is useless if there’s nobody to see it. Correct ain’t I?
Be it a new blog or an old one, every blogger needs traffic. Traffic will directly bring you conversions which ultimately makes your website profitable for you.
Today I am going to show 15 Websites that I use on a daily basis to get targeted visitors to my new blog posts.

#1. Facebook Groups

Facebook is the largest social media platform to promote your posts. You may have shared your post on Facebook before, but you may not be following the correct strategy.
If you want to get targeted traffic using Facebook you need to figure out your target audience first. So if I am blogging under the Technology niche, I should be promoting my post in a group that focuses on Technology solely and not a Fitness or a Dating one. Steps to follow while promoting a post on Facebook –
  • Make sure your post has  a catchy headline
  • Make sure you are targeting the right bunch of people
  • Try to make your profile prominent by helping others in the Group before sharing your article
  • Do not spam and get yourself banned :p

#2. Twitter

Twitter is another great place to promote your posts which many bloggers tend to ignore. There may be no groups system here as in Facebook, but with the right hashtags, you can do wonders with Twitter.
The best part is that it lets you reach out to big brands and influencers very easily present in your niche.
Steps to follow while promoting a post on Twitter –
  • Make sure you are sharing a quality content
  • Use the right hashtags
  • Promote your content several times a week. Try tweeting with and sometimes without images.

#3. Pinterest

Pinterest is the perfect social platform for promotion for image oriented blogs. If you run a fashion blog or a travel blog this platform can do wonders for you.
Pinterest is growing at a very fast rate, and people love it. The crowd on Pinterest is mostly female, but it is not a deal breaker for blogs targeting the male gender.
f you want to master the art of driving traffic using Pinterest, then you need check Melyssa Griffin’s blog. She is the author of a very popular course named as Pinfinite Growth which teaches people how to drive traffic from Pinterest.
Make sure you pin your images not only to your board but in others boards as well.

#4. ScoopIt 

ScoopIt is a content curation platform which lets you market your posts. The sad part is that if you want to use the advanced features then, you need to spend some bucks.
The free version is still quite usable to drive targetted visitors to your blog. As you would pin images to Pinterest, you need to pin posts here under a particular Topic.
The only tip for ScoopIt is that when you create a Topic don’t only add your posts but also add relevant posts from other blogs as well. It will help you generate more followers as you would do otherwise.

#5. Blog Engage

BlogEngage is a post aggregator site. The site lets users add your posts under different categories.
blog-engage-promotionThe website covers most of the topics. The only disappointing part is that you need to spend few bucks to use BlogEngage.
Despite the high price, it can be a great investment. Make sure you produce quality content. Quality Content Always Work.

#6. Google Plus

Google Plus is another big social media platform. According to a survey, Google Plus votes is the most valuable for higher rankings in Google. Thus Google Plus votes are precious for any blog.
Same as Facebook, Google Plus has many groups that you can easily join. You easily share your posts there. But make sure you find a niche Related Group.

#7. Triberr

Triberr is another great place to share your posts. It is a community site where marketer shares their posts and even make groups.

Similar to Reddit, the site has a upvote system. The more upvotes your post gets, the higher the visibility of your posts.
There are three sections under which shared post can be seen. These are namely Hot, New and Rising. So if you write good posts relating to Marketing, then Triberr is the place to share your posts.

#8. Klinkk

Klinkk is another community website for marketers. The process of signing up and sharing your posts is dead simple.
You can directly join using the signup using Facebook and Twitter. The ranking system used here is similar to Triberr.
You can also add your website in your profile to get some extra traffic. Before sharing make sure your niche is relevant to the site.

#9. BizSugar

BizSugar is yet another community web site but with many categories. Some of the categories include Marketing, Finance and Technology.
You can share small tips and posts among the BizSugar users which include business owners and entrepreneurs.
You can easily create a free account and start sharing your posts.

#10. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a cool place to for discovering and sharing web sites under a particular topic. Sharing your websites here can help you get a lot of targetted visitors.
You can quickly add you posts to a particular category after creating a free account.

#11. AllTop

AllTop is one the best blog aggregator. You can consider it as an online magazine which aggregates posts under various categories.
You can find as many as 1000 categories on AllTop. The best part is that you can submit your blog for free. You just need more than ten blog posts on your blog to get approval.

#12. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most neglected social networking site. It can though be a goldmine for people writing about business and related topics.
Add caption

You can easily connect with various influencers in your industry on LinkedIn. You can easily share your posts here too.
Before using LinkedIn make sure you complete your profile and join related groups on LinkedIn.

#13. Reddit

Reddit is also another excellent place to share your posts. Reddit can drive thousands of visitors each day if used properly.
Some point to note before sharing your posts on Reddit-
  • Make sure post under a relevant subreddit
  • Content should be great
  • Don’t post a link which has been shared before
  • Do not buy upvotes
  • Use infographics

#14. ViralContentBuzz

I’m in love with ViralContentBuzz. It is a website similar to the popular AddMeFast.
It is very simple to use.
Your content can be shared on different social networks like Pinterest and Twitter with the help of points.
Points can either be bought or can be earned by sharing others content. The best part is that you can make a free account and start promoting you content today. By far ViralContentBuzz is the best blog promotion network.

#15. SlideShare

Sharing your posts on SlideShare can be very effective way of promoting your blog and content. You can easily make slides using software like PowerPoint or OpenOffice.

The cool part of SlideShare is that because of high domain authority it can rank higher than big authority blogs. This way you can easily rank for higher competitive keywords which will provide you with the much-needed exposure.
Comment your favourite blog promotion sites below. I would love to know them.
Share the post if you found it useful. Thanks.


Alexa traffic rank reflects the quality of a website or blog. Therefore it matters much to the site owners. Alexa is a site ranking company which is a part of Amazon.com. It gives a rank to a particular site which is globally recognized. Moreover, alexa rank is very important to attract the advertiser’s to show adds on a particular website or blog. The lower alexa traffic rank comes, the higher site’s quality rises. That’s why getting a decreased alexa rank is a headache for the site owners as well as for the bloggers. My this article will teach you how you can decrease alexa traffic rank fast and easily by using some strategy.

1. Claim your site:
Claiming you site in Alexa tool is an effective approach to decrease alexa traffic rank fast. Previously claiming was totally free but now you need to spent money for claiming. Don’t worry,still you have a chance to claim you site in alexa for free via 10 days trail. You can get your first alexa rank within 3-5 days of claiming/submitting your site in alexa.

2. Use Alexa toolbar:
In my opinion using alexa toolbar is much more than claiming your site in alexa. You can decrease alexa rank of your site rapidly by using alexa toolbar. Basically alexa counts only the visits that is made by alexa toolbar installed browser. These type of visits are known as valid hits/visits to alexa. Therefore, if you haven’t installed it till now, go and own the tool right now.

3. Use Alexa widgets:
This is also an important part of alexa which will help you to reach your desired goal. Alexa gives priority to the sites that has alexa widgets installed. Besides you can show your site’s alexa rank and backlinks to your all visitors even if they don’t have alexa toolbar installed in their browser. Copy the alexa widget code in your site replacing “https://techmasi.com/” with your site’s name. 

 <a href=”http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/https://techmasi.com/”><script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://xslt.alexa.com/site_stats/js/s/a?url=https://techmasi.com/”></script></a>

4. Get more alexa backlinks:
You need to build more alexa backlinks to rank higher (means to decrease rank) in the eye of alexa. You may think, what is alexa backlinks? How to get them? Solution is, Backlinks that can be crawled by alexa bot (also known as crawler or spider) are known as alexa backlinks. Easiest way to find out alexa backlinks is to see alexa statistics of other sites. There you can find the number of backlinks and five backlinks address. Simply follow the links and try to get your alexa backlink juice. I found this technique very effective to me.

5. Get alexa toolbar traffic:
This is a little bit difficult but very effective ethical way to decrease alexa traffic rank rapidly. In this technique your need to target bloggers and webmasters as your visitor. As almost all blogger and webmaster use alexa toolbar, this strategy will definitely help you a lot. For this purpose you need to be active in blogging communities and webmaster forums.

6. Get unlimited auto visitors: (Recommended only for the newbies)
The above techniques may seem hard to the newbies. Therefore I am giving an easy way for them. Go to HitLeap and sign up. This is an auto traffic exchange site. After signing up, log in to your account and add your site’s link in “My Websites” tab. Then go to “Traffic Exchange” and download HitLeap Viewer. Finally open the viewer and click “Start” button to get credits. These credits will help your site to get free auto visitors. This process is fully automated and effective as the viewer has an integrated alexa toolbar. I personally recommend this technique only for the newbies. Pros should go for higher techniques.

7. Get free alexa toolbar visitors: (Recommended mostly for the newbies)
Now let’s start the 7th and the last strategy. This process is also for the newbies but the pros can also use this process in various ways. For this go to LikesPlanet and LikesASAP and sign up/register in these sites. These are mainly social media exchange sites which are generally used for increasing facebook likes and shares, twitter tweets and followers etc. But we will use it for alexa rank boosting. You will find an option named alexa/alexa boostup where you need to add your site. Here also you need to collect credits/mana which can be gained both automatic and manually. Both are good site but recently I have noticed that LikesPlanet is running daily credit contest along with daily bonus system. Moreover, it got a new improved look which is very nice.

save your wordpress blog

Are you scared after reading the title?
If not, then you must be scared because literally your blog can be hacked within tomorrow if you don’t deal with the necessary security issues of your WordPress blog. The only reason I am writing this article is to make you alert about the rising online crime which is hacking and to save your online assets from unauthorized persons. Here is the screen of what’s going on through my blog for last several days.

Yah, these are Lockout notification of my blog which indicate failed hacking attempts. A site can be hack in various ways such as SQL injection, Cross site scripting, Click jacking, DNS cache poisoning, Remote code execution and so more as well as DDoS attack can be done to make your site down. Good news is WordPress reduces the chances of getting hacked via above methods because of its frequent updates. Still your site can be hacked if you don’t take the initial steps to save it from unauthorized persons. Below I have mentioned 9 simple and obviously very important steps to make your site highly secured and almost impossible for hackers to get access in it. However, you must keep in mind that Hackers are the most intellectual human group of online community. Even big tech giants like Yahoo, Sony, Facebook etc. got hacked in the history. Here goes the 9 steps to make your site highly protected:

#1. Reliable Hosting Server

If you hosting server is not reliable then you are in the ocean of danger. No matter how much precaution you have taken for your WordPress blog, if your server’s security is weak any average hacker can get access. So, if you think your hosting server is not reliable then I suggest you to start securing your site by changing its hosting server. Here are some qualities of reliable server:
  1. Uses updated hardware for server.
  2. Managed by real experts.
  3. Auto server backup system enabled.
  4. Able to detect DDoS attack.
  5. Quick consumer support in case of emergency.
If you do not feel safe with your current hosting provider then you can move to A2Hositng, DreamHost, BlueHost or any other reliable hosting providers you want.

#2. Stay Updated

Not staying updated is the biggest reason of getting hacked in case of WordPress blogs. WordPress itself along with its themes and plugins release new updates constantly after a particular period of time. In order to stay safe you must keep all your plugins and themes updated along with WordPress CMS. Old version of CMS, plugins and themes may contain security hole which can be the doorway of hacker to get access to your WordPress blog. Therefore “Always Stay Updated”.

#3. Say No to FREE

I know it’s quite hard to say NO to free products especially for the newbies but in order to increase your safety level you need to do it. Basically most of the free plugins and themes are not updated for long time. Besides, some are created by hackers to trap you. I am not saying all free themes and plugins are bad but you must check the validity and authenticity of free plugins and themes before using them. For me it’s better to go with premium. I mostly like premium products for 2 major reasons. Firstly, it’s safe and keeps me ahead of many other people (as most of the people are not using premium products) and secondly, I can get any type of support on demand.

#4. Selection of Username

Do you know what is the most used user name of WordPress blog? Yah, it “admin”. Perhaps you are also using this as your login user name. If so, then you are in the list of 70% WordPress blog owners who are at the risk of getting hacked. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to avoid using “admin” as your blog’s user name. Ohh sh*t! You already did it in your existing blog and user name cannot be changed by default. Here is the simple solution, install Username Changer plugin and change your username. Isn’t it very simple? By the way, if you are not willing to slow down your site by installing so many plugins then remove this plugin after changing your blog’s username. 

#5. Password Protection

Password is a buzz word in the arena of security. Here are some quick tips from my point of view to make your password stronger than ever:
  • Make your password 12+ characters
  • Use both lower case and upper case letters
  • Mix up with numeric values
  • Include special sign such as (, %, &, #, @ etc.
  • Avoid using any kind of name or date
  • It’s better to avoid dictionary words as well
Here is an example of strong password: G0me&ui@%H7oo
If you want strong password that is easy to remember then you can go for sentence based password with complex characters. Such as: YouGot78%of$2500

#6. Login URL

Default login URL of WordPress blog is “yoursite.com/wp-admin” which is pretty easy to find out. It’s better to change your default login URL, which means an extra layer of safety. To do this, simply install Rename wp-login.php plugin and change your login URL to whatever you want from Permalink section of Dashboard.

#7. IP Lock Down

This step is very effective and essential to keep your WordPress blog safe from average and advanced hackers. Use All in One WP Security plugin for this purpose. This plugin will block any IP address after using wrong username and password for several times based on your setting. It will also notify you via Email when someone tries to login with wrong username and password just like above screenshot of my Email inbox.

#8. Captcha Protection

Although captcha protection seems very common to some people, it plays vital role to save your WordPress from automated dictionary attack and brute force attack. It’s a good practice to use captcha in your login page. You can use any captcha plugin from WordPress store such as Captcha by BestWebSoft to set an extra security layer on your WordPress blog.

#9. Comment Section Protection

Some of you may think it’s needless to look at the comment section for security purpose. For you kind information, a website can be hacked with a single comment as well. So there is no reason to keep the door open for the hackers. I highly recommend you to use Akismet plugin for blocking spam comments. If you don’t want to take the hassle of approving every comment by yourself then you can set any kind of human verification in comment section. I suggest to take the hassle for yourself rather than giving it to your readers.

Time for action:

It seems you have completed you masters on securing your lovely WordPress blog. Just reading this article cannot save your blog from the aggressive hand of hackers. You must take action as mentioned above. If you are still confused with any of above security steps then please let me know via comment. Never ever hesitate to speak your mind.

instant approval directory submission Link building is always the most important part of the game called SEO. It’s possible to rank higher in Google without good content but not without backlinks. Therefore,  I came up with some directory submission sites that will approve your website or blog instantly and will provide you dofollow backlinks within few moments.

Basically directories are similar to shelf where many sites are showcased according to categories on different pages. Some of you may think directory submission sites suck after hearing the speech of Matt Cutts. Believe me, still directory submission sites can provide powerful ranking signals (not as before) when it comes to SEO. Before going through the list of dofollow instant approval directory submission sites please read the DO’s and DON’Ts part.

DON’Ts of instant approval directory sites
  • Don’t submit your long term authority site in these directories.
  • Don’t submit your site in wrong category.
  • Don’t submit to all the directories in one day.
DO’s of instant approval directories
  • Submit your short term niche site for fast backlinks and ranking.
  • After submitting successfully ping the listing page for fast indexing in major search engines.
  • Submit your para-sites and PBNs in these directories for fast backlinks.
  • Use these instant approval directories to submit your event based blogs.

Hope you got enough knowledge about how to make the best use of these instant approval directory submission sites to get the maximum SEO ranking result. So, let’s dive into the list ….
1. Blogtoplist.com
2. Topofblogs.com
3. Blogrollcenter.com
4. Networkedblogs.com
5. Bloggernity.com
6. Addgoodsites.com
7. Alive-directory.com
8. Acedirectory.org
9. Bestdirectory4you.com
10. One-sublime-directory.com
11. Activdirectory.net
12. A2place.com
13. Abstractdirectory.net
14. Aweblist.org
15. Bedirectory.com
16. Adbritedirectory.com
17. Hotdirectory.net
18. Addirectory.org
19. Beegdirectory.com
20. Clicksordirectory.com
21. Huludirectory.com
22. Sublimedir.net
23. Poordirectory.com
24. Ask-directory.com
25. Craigslistdirectory.net
26. Upsdirectory.com
27. Bing-directory.com
28. Interesting-dir.com
29. Aquarius-dir.com
30. Facebook-list.com
31. Ebay-dir.com
32. Bestbuydir.com
33. Target-directory.com
34. Familydir.com
35. Afunnydir.com
36. Backpagedir.com
37. Exampledir.com
38. Lemon-directory.com
39. Seooptimizationdirectory.com
40. Domainnamesseo.com
41. Craigslistdir.org
42. Searchdomainhere.com
43. Mediafiredirectlink.com
44. Directoryanalytic.com
45. Linkedin-directory.com
46. Ecodir.net
47. Advancedseodirectory.com
48. Apeopledirectory.com
49. Businessfreedirectory.com
50. 411freedirectory.com
51. Reddit-directory.com

BONUS: Directory.edugorilla.com [It’s an exclusive directory for education related sites]

Image result for best google adsense alternatives

Google Adsense may be the most popular ad network for bloggers looking to monetize their websites. But not everyone gets approved, and accounts could also get suspended. Adsense alternatives are ad networks you can use if you come across such difficulties. These Adsense alternatives can also add more income sources to your blog.
Now first, a lot of bloggers actually do make a steady monthly income from their blog via Google Adsense. The best ones even boast up to six figures monthly income just from Adsense alone.
That said, there is also a contingent of bloggers out there who have trouble getting their Adsense applications approved in the first place. Even then, they could still get their accounts suspended, which immediately halts their earnings.
So what’s a blogger to do to make some money around here when Google Adsense proves to be a bit tricky? Well, that’s why we built you a list of these Google Adsense alternatives. 🙂
Whether you’re a blogger who just can’t get lucky with Google Adsense, or you’re interested in making more money blogging by adding alternative revenue streams, check out this list of Google Adsense Alternatives and start applying for a more diversified income portfolio.

Adsense Alternatives From NinjaOutreach

1. Fomo Publishers

Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach - Fomo
Fomo is a social proof marketing platform that turns customer behaviors into animated display ad units.
In plain English: when a customer does something on your site, like when someone signs up or purchases something, for example, Fomo shows a small pop-up announcement. This is supposed to boost conversions because then, the viewer is more likely to follow the same action because of the phenomenon called social proof.
Publishers can then customize the timing, cadence, and theme design of their ads.
  • How payouts work – $2 per 1,000 ad impressions, or $6 to $10 per 1,000 pageviews. Fomo pays every month or every $100 earned, whichever comes first.
  • Blogger requirements – There is no minimum traffic requirement. Publishers have full control over which brands they show off on their website.

2. Media.Net

Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach - MediaNet
Media.net is a great Google Adsense alternative. They have the same feature as Adsense and also support mobile ads. You can customize your ad units in terms of style (size, color, shapes) so it blends better with your respective blogs & website.
  • How payouts work – $100 payout threshold. Payments are made monthly based on click-through revenue.
  • Blogger requirements – Must have a “reasonable” amount of site traffic, of which the majority must come from countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. Content requirements are pretty strict.

3. Amazon Advertising Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach - Amazon Ads

When you’re looking to find Adsense alternatives that have almost the same massive scope, then you can’t go wrong with Amazon ads.
Amazon ads, also called Native Shopping Ads, allow you to place dynamic ads on your blog based on your content. These dynamic ads adjust based on the context and the search query used to by your reader. You can also specify exactly which ads you’d like to display
  • How payouts work – You earn via commission. The minimum payout for a check is $100 and will be delivered within 60 days. You can also opt for direct deposit or a gift certificate if you earn at least $10.
  • Blogger requirements – Amazon has pretty exhaustive ad guidelines. All ads must be for general viewing and must make no exaggerated claims. If you have a high US- and the EU-skewed traffic, then this should a great opportunity.

4. Infolinks

Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach - Infolinks
One of the most popular Google Adsense Alternatives I found recently is Infolinks.
Infolinks will turn keywords into your blog posts to advertisement links and it displays an advert when your visitors hover their mouse over the link.
The best part about Infolinks is that it doesn’t take up space on your site; their system will just automatically turn keywords into your content to ads.
They also offer Intag Ads, Research and InFrame Ads.
  • How payouts work – $50 minimum payout threshold for online transfer options such as PayPal and ACH and $100 ($1000 for selected countries) for the Bank Wire Transfer option. Publishers are paid within 45 days after the end of the month that the publisher meets their minimum payout threshold.
  • Requirements – Infolinks is open to any online publisher. There are no minimum site visitor or page view requirements and no setup fees. Ads with images depicting violence, however, are not allowed.

5. AdRecover

Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach - AdRecover
Adblock may have significantly reduced plenty of advertisers’ revenue. And AdRecover aims to be the Adsense alternative to solve that problem.
As of this writing, AdRecover has partnered with 3 Adblock providers: AdBlock, AdBlockPlus, and Crystal, to serve up static, non-intrusive, UX compliant ads to people who use these ad blocking products.
This is definitely a useful Adsense alternative since, aside from general users, you’ll be getting access to this highly discerning and hard-to-reach segment of Adblock users.
  • How payouts work: You’ll earn $0.50 per 1,000 impressions. Payments are sent within 30 days at the end of the month when the publisher meets or exceeds the minimum payment threshold of $50.
  • Blogger requirements: Your adblocked pageviews per day should be over 10k. First, you need to sign up and install a tool for Adrecover to measure your total Adblocked traffic (users who visit your site and have Adblock on). The review typically takes a week.

6. Chitika

Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach - Chitika
Chitika is one of those Adsense alternatives that offer Search Targeted Ads to ensure that the ads on your site are seen by users who are interested in your ad content.
They also have a Local Ad Exchange that allows you to display local ads to your site’s visitors based on their location.
Chitika also has an ad selection optimized for mobile.
  • How payments work: Payments are sent via Payoneer 30 days after the end of the month in which you reach or exceed the minimum threshold of $50.  You can opt for the wire transfer option if you earn at least $10,000 per month regularly.
  • Blogger requirements: Application now takes at least 4 weeks to get processed. They have traffic and content requirements but are not disclosed.

7. VigLink

Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach - VigLink
One of the most efficient Adsense alternatives on this list is VigLink. Once you integrate it with your blog, it analyzes your content and automatically links your product mentions to “the best-paying merchant with the highest conversion rate.”
Perfect if you want to save time.
  • How payouts work: You get 75% of total commission revenue earnings and VigLink gets 25%. Minimum payout threshold for Paypal is $10 and $50 for ACH, check, and wire transfer. Publishers are paid once a month, within 90 days after you’ve made sales.
  • Blogger requirements: There are no stated minimum traffic requirements. However, bloggers are not allowed to use any merchants’ branded keywords in their ads unless explicitly allowed by the merchant.

8. SkimLinks

This Adsense alternative works a lot like VigLinks, where it turns outbound links into affiliate links. Its main difference is, Skimlinks is geared specifically for ecommerce-related content.
  • How payouts work: You get 75% of earned commissions. Publishers who pass the minimum $65 threshold are paid each end of the month via Paypal or direct deposit.
  • Blogger requirements: They didn’t give exact traffic number requirements. However, they say they approve sites that have a high amount of traffic, but sites with smaller traffic but high engagement will also be considered. Also works best if your traffic mainly comes from either of these locations: North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe or Australia.

9. MadAds Media

Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach - MadAdsMedia
MadAds offer a wide range of campaigns which includes: CPM, CPL, CPA, and CPC.
  • How payouts work: You can set the minimum cost per 1,000 ad impressions rate you’re willing to accept. Payments are sent 45 days after the month’s end that you meet or exceed the minimum threshold of $50.
  • Blogger requirements: Your site traffic should have at least 10,000 pageviews per day, must be well-designed, and family-friendly. No torrents, illegal or pornographic content allowed.

10. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser’s claim to fame is to be the faster Adsense alternative that can approve your application and let you start monetizing your blog’s traffic in as little as 5 minutes. Great for new bloggers who just launched their site, or those working with a pretty small niche.
  • How payouts work: Minimum instant payout of $10 via PayPal, Payza, check, or wire transfer.
  • Blogger requirements: No stated traffic requirements. Instant approval. No ad displays associated with pornographic content allowed.

11. Ayboll

Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach - Ayboll
Ayboll believes that abusing ads can ruin user experience (and thus, your chances of converting).
So, this comprehensive alternative to Google Adsense offered options to make money through blogging with a variety of revenue-generating products. (Read: not limited to banner ads!)
After letting you identify which “zones” of your website get the most engagement, you can choose any of Ayboll’s ad products, such as native ads, which blend naturally with the website’s content.
This method lets you add value for readers and at the same time, promote what you want to without ruining the customer experience.
You can also opt for interstitial ads, which are non-obtrusive ads that appear in between a user’s page viewing activity.
There are also “before you leave” ads, which are exit popup ads, and “above the fold” cover ads, which will ensure maximum exposure to your readers.
Ayboll also requires no long-term or exclusivity contracts, and do not have complex approval processes, so it’s pretty easy to sign up and start your ad campaigns right away.
  • How payouts work: You get 50% revenue share on a cost per click basis. You can cash out once within the first 10 days of each month, and within 60 days past the month that you meet or exceed the minimum threshold of $250. Users with over 300k unique visits per month can negotiate for a higher cut.
  • Blogger requirements: No minimum traffic requirements. Sign-ups are pretty fast.

12. Adbuff

Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach - Adbuff
Another ad network that promises to treat you better than Google Adsense is Adbuff.
Adbuff’s Adsense alternatives pitch is that they’ll respond to your queries within 1 business day. They also have one of the highest possible revenue offers available.
  • How payouts work: You’ll get a whopping 90% of advertiser revenues. The Payoneer minimum payment threshold is $100 and the Bank Wire minimum payment threshold is $500.
  • Blogger requirements: They calculate the overall score based on the metrics below, but did not give exact numbers for how they calculate your overall acceptability score.
    • Alexa Rank
    • Organic Search Traffic
    • Domain Age
    • MozRank
    • Inbound Links
    • Social signals
They also have a high standard for ads. G rated stuff only, and no malicious code injections, pop-ups, or downloads. There is a strict approval process that takes between 5 – 7 business days. Sites with copyright infringement and excessive ads are automatically rejected.

13. Buy Sell Ads

Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach - BuySellAds
Buy Sell Ads (BSA) is one of those Adsense alternatives that lets you monetize your blog by selling direct Ad spaces on your blog.
They offer a range of Monetization options like Tweets Monetization, Apps Monetization, Email Monetization, Ross Monetization, and mobile Web.
Make sure you check them out to see what they offer.
  • How payments work: You get 75% of ad commission revenue and BuySellAds gets 25%. Minimum cashout for PayPal is $20, $50 for check, and $500 for wire transfer. You can cash out via PayPal twice a month and once for checks. Unlimited wire transfers have no limit, provided you meet the threshold.
  • Blogger requirements: At least 50k impressions per month. Content must be high-quality and consistently updated.

14. AdClick Media

Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach - AdClickMedia
Adclick Media offers pay per click earnings opportunity for bloggers and website owners.
It also offers Photo Text Ads, Banner Display Ads, Full Page Interstitial Ads, Email Pay-Per-Click Ads.
  • How payouts work: You get a 50% revenue share; 65% if you’re a premium publisher. The minimum threshold of $50 is paid within 15 days of the month that you meet or exceed that threshold.
  • Blogger requirements: No minimum traffic requirement. Illegal content are not allowed.

15. ClickSor

Adsense Alternatives List By NinjaOutreach
As Adsense alternatives go, Clicksor is another popular one that you can use on your blog.
It’s a contextual advertising network just like Adsense which offer ads that are relevant to your blog content.
Clicksor offers a variety of Ads format which is: Inline Text Links, Text Banners, Graphical Banner, Pop-Unders, Interstitial Ads.
  • How payouts work: You get 60% of advertising revenue. Minimum payout is $50 for PayPal or check and $1,000 for wire transfer. Payouts are sent every Thursday and within 15 days after you meet the minimum threshold.
  • Blogger requirements: At least 50,000 pageviews monthly. Over 50% of your traffic must come from the US, Canada, and Great Britain.


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